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Hardware obsolescence, continuous upgrades, unreliability. In one word: hardware.

With Vertigo, you can forget about that and finally you can have a virtual environment at your disposal, where you can manage your data and programs, no matter where you are.

Saying goodbye to hardware will be even easier!

How does it work?

We provide you with easy-to-use tools to get the most efficient performances out of your productivity. Scalable resources and performances together with access from wherever you are and no matter the device, such as tablets, smartphones or thin clients.

Which are the advantages
for your business?


Say goodbye to multiple IT contacts and their costs. One single supplier: Vertigo.


99,96% of business continuity guaranteed: reducing hardware and software anomalies.


Scalable resources for pilot projects, extraordinary work flows, or simply, to assist your structural business growth.


Dismiss your servers and PCs to introduce tablets, laptops, thin clients and smartphones.


No more onerous hardware contracts for hardware support and maintenance.

Check it out, find out our case studies!

Case Studies

Smart Office for
Small Businesses

Turn your office into a digital smart office and GDPR compliant.
Our Smart Office solution includes OwnCloud File Sharing to share your documents with total security; you can also manage access permits and you can use it via smartphone or tablet.

But there is more. A flexible and digital workplace leads to:

  • Mobile working
  • Reduction of IT infrastructure management
  • Increasing productivity thanks to collaboration tools

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