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PC in the business network

Let's see the main features of a PC installed in the business network and how to protect it and use it properly.

Your PC is part of the company assets and for this reason it must follow company policies included in company documents about IT behaviors and rules, together with the GDPR 2016/679 regulation about data protection. On a IT level, this means that filters and restrictions can be applied on the PC, they might limit your web navigation, for instance.

Your PC has some authorizations or restrictions that are set by an Administrator, who is a professional figure dedicated to the management of IT company systems. For instance, a User may not be allowed to install a program, while the Administrator can.
Another important feature of a PC in the business network that is managed by an Administrator is to install a centralized Antivirus system that operates independently from the Users behavior and choices. Scannings are automatic and cannot be controlled by the users and also systems upgrades are automatic and they guarantee more performance and patches.

A typical network infrastructure is composed by PCs, printers, VOIP phones that are all connected in the network using a wireless or wired connection. Connected devices can, for example, surf the Internet. The access to Internet connection is made through a router that guides data in the multiple sub-networks. Between the router and the Intranet, a firewall is installed in order to prevent attacks from outside the business network. Following the redundancy principle, having two firewall is the most secure choice. Vertigo is a WatchGuard partner, leader in the firewall market and it provides high level of security, integrated with sophisticated systems, such as the artificial intelligence.

Good behaviors
The user behavior when using a business PC is regulated by company policies, but there are general rules that should be followed. 
A scenario: if you download a non-reliable attachment to an email, the first thing to do is to alert your IT team that will execute the right processes to keep the business network secure. 
Furthermore, the user behavior is automatically regulated by the UAC, User Account Control, which is the control over the users with a control and security system that aim at reducing the human errors. It is composed by different levels of control. The default level is the 3rd one: it guarantees a level of security displaying useful warning messages for the users. 
Another help when trying to correct the users behavior is the Web Blocking or Ad Blocking. They can block some websites, or adv banners, in order to reduce the malware risks.