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Is the Cloud secure?

Let's try to answer a popular question in the IT sector: is the Cloud secure?
IT security is a central topic and two main themes are related to the IT security: IT security software and the user behavior.
The security aspect is even more highlighted when it has to do with the security of something that we cannot physically see with our eyes: a Cloud server, a Cloud invoice system, or Cloud services in general.
Starting from these topics, we will illustrate when it is possible to consider the Cloud as a more secure solution than on-premise infrastructures for a company.

According to our professional experience, a higher level of IT security is reached and less security holes in customers using Cloud services.
But which are the prerequisite for a secure Cloud? Let's dive into them:

  • When the user is informed and trained: the IT education is the first key factor to apply in order to get a good level of IT security. Employees, users, and everyone that has access to the company IT network should be conscious of its actions and consequences when using IT devices, both in Cloud or physical hardware. It is a good policy to set an educational program about IT security and it results in a good investment for the company that leads to long-term advantages such as informed and conscious users that will tend to avoid more frequently junk emails with malware attached, for instance.
  • Cloud services are managed by external companies that are specialized in Cloud technology. For this reason, the level of security - and performance level, as a consequence - results as higher if the Cloud services are managed by a specialized company.
    The company IT internal team can, finally, focus on core business activities and projects, without having to spend time and energies managing a Cloud services and its related problems.
  • Cloud services are managed by an external provider that has the advantage to keep the hardware and software warranties always actives and updated. Warranty costs are often minimized and included in the Cloud service fee for the end user. Why? Because physical hardware, on which Cloud services are created, are located in Datacenter with modern and high-performance hardware and servers, and, as a policy, warranties are constantly active.
    In this way, maintenance problems, parts substitutions and other hardware problems are included in the warranty fee and can be solved rapidly from the provider. Having such a service leads to more business continuity, reducing the time of suspension of business activities.
  • The Cloud is secure when an excellent Antivirus software is used in the company. The Antivirus protects in any case from malware attacks that could enter the Cloud infrastructure. This is not only a prerequisite for Cloud services, but also for any type of IT infrastructure in the company. The Antivirus should work together with other software, such as a good Antispam system that needs to be present in order to enhance the Cloud security levels: less malicious junk emails mean less malware in the network.
  • A Cloud infrastructure, a Cloud Server o a Smart Office solution or other Cloud services, must be installed in networks with an high performance Firewall. Firewall, which is a protection system for company networks that acts like a massive filter for data flows in- and out of the company network, is a mandatory device. We use WatchGuard, the leader in the firewall market, and we obtain high level of IT security for our customers and it also includes some extended features and functionalities, for instance, we often include the WebBlocker tool that blocks some malicious websites for users connected to the company network.

These were 5 reasons, but also prerequisites, why the Cloud is a more secure solution rather than physical hardware, but for any further information, comment or to discuss together the Cloud solution for your company, please feel free to contact us.