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5 things you don't know about Data Centers

Data Centers are the beating heart of online services that we use in our everyday life.

Servers are allocated in Data Centers and allow Cloud services and provide dedicated servers for high performances and computing power, such as the ones for Bitcoin Mining activities.
Data Centers are often considered as huge server rooms, but actually they are much more. 
In fact, in order to maintain high standards and requirements, Data Centers require innovation and engineering activities and they are the result of structural and functional engineering works.

Here are some things you probably do not know about Data Centers:

  1. The biggest Data Center in the world has a surface of more than 10.000.000 m2. It is the Chinese Data Center of Inner Mongolia Information Park and this project costed more than 3 billion dollars.
    In Italy, the biggest one is the Global Cloud Data Center in Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo) with an area of 200.000 m². That's incredible!
  2. Full-security to protect the most precious good: data.
    Not only IT security but also physical security of the building is a crucial point, in order to minimize risks of data loss.
    Sophisticated projects enable innovative solutions after an important phase of risk assessment and management. For instance, anti-fire automatic doors can limit the fire to the area and avoid a spreading wildfire. 
    Nevertheless, sophisticated movement sensors are used and they include biometric measurements and devices.
    A simple biometric device that we all know is the touch ID that lots of smartphones include to scan fingerprints.
  3. Some Data Centers are real construction engineering artworks.
    There is a never ending challenge between the realization of Data Centers and the climatic requirements that encourages cutting-edge projects.
    To mention one of these projects: underwater Data Center solutions. An airship infrastructure that could be misunderstood as a dangerous choice, but it could probably solve cooling issues using the water natural temperature.
  4. How many servers are allocated in Data Centers?
    It depends on the surface of the Data Center. On average, between 5.000 server in smaller Data Centers up to 40.000 server in all the Data Centers managed by one single provider 
  5. Data Centers as energetic engineering challenges. This means that alternative and efficient systems are required to get the best performances out of cooling, air conditioning and environmental systems.
    Green energy is a relevant topic in Data Center management in order to reduce the environmental footprint. An example is the photovoltaic plant of Apple iCloud Data Center. An Italian example is Aruba Data Center in Bergamo where energy is also produced using hydropower from Brembo river.