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5 steps to protect your PC

A good anti malware software is not enough to protect your PC.
Let's see 5 simple steps to enhance your protection.

1. Access protection
Set a password to access your laptop or PC: alphanumerical password, touch ID or face ID.
Choose a complex password: alphanumerical characters, numbers, capital letters and symbols.

2. Offline protection
Threats are not only online-based. A scenario: you are using your laptop just to write using Word, with no internet connection. Your colleague transfer some pictures to your laptop with an USB memory. This can be a vehicle for malware and can expose your laptop to risks. So, you need to protect your PC with anti malware software that are effective both online and offline, such as the one provided by our partner TrendMicro that scans all the disks installed on the PC.

3. Protection against online threats
Obviously, the most common way to expose your PC to risks ìs to be online and execute downloads. Remember to download only from official websites. A good way to protect you is: have a good IT behavior and be always aware and install a good anti malware software with regular scannings. 

4. Data protection
It does not matter if it is your bank account or your LinkedIn account, it is crucial to set a complex password to protect your personal data, as previously mentioned. Data are also protected by our behavior: when subscribing or creating a new account, pay attention to the authorization we give and the use of data that the website/company can do, we need to understand and read privacy and data policies.

5. Mailbox protection
Another common channel that can transfer malware is the mailbox. For instance, dangerous download can be attached to emails: the sends seems to be a reliable contact, but it is a facade. There are different protection tools to reduce the mailbox risks, Vertigo mailbox service includes a certified anti spam system to identify junk emails. A QMS system is another crucial setting: it is a quarantine system that allows us to check unreliable emails and the QMS will ask you if you want to block the email message or to unblock it and see it in the inbox.