Case Study


About Spektra

, a company part of the Trimble Inc. group, is an important player in the distribution of solutions for different markets: constructions, earth-moving solutions, topography and precision farming markets.

What Spektra needed

Spektra had the need of renewal of the hardware infrastructure which was obsolete and limited related to the exponential expansion of the company's resources and performances. The management opted for a private Cloud solution and identified Vertigo as a high-quality partner.

How we met Spektra's expectations

The virtual on-premise infrastructure was directly migrated to the Cloud infrastructure, using a virtual bridge, which was configured to maintain the business continuity of the customer during the whole migration process. Virtual servers in Cloud were specifically set in order to reach the performances requested by the customer.

Customer Feedback

Our internal IT team can now focus full-time on business processes that give value to our company. A lot of routine activities are not eliminated, such as the savings checks, software updates, maintenance activities. Concerning the migration, we did not notice any business discontinuity and now we have the IT performances that we need.