Case Study


About Farmalabor

Farmalabor is a leader company in the production and distribution of raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food markets. It is the central player in the Italian Galenic industry.

What Farmalabor needed

Farmalabor was going through an important technological and IT renewal and reached out to Vertigo to have an accurate analysis and dimensioning of the future infrastructure.  

How we met Farmalabor's expectations

After a deep analysis and considering the obsolesce of different data transmission systems, the proposal was an hybrid Cloud solution that gave the opportunity to externalized some servers that required high levels of business continuity. We also activated a Cloud backup solution to on-premise servers to guarantee higher continuity.

Customer Feedback

The hybrid solution is like an invisible expansion of our on-premise infrastructure, with the advantage of having high-quality resources in the Could infrastructure. Thanks to Vertigo technologies and procedures, we were able to transfer our on-premise server to the Cloud.