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Our Story

Our mission, the goal we believe in:
to grow corporate value through a technological
restructuring process.

Vertigo Consulting was founded

Vertigo Consulting was founded in 2009 as a computer consulting firm establishing itself as a leading partner for Microsoft, VMware, WatchGuard and HPE solutions, quickly achieving the highest certification levels recognized by their respective partners.
Vertigo covers all Europe using direct Partners.

Cloud Solutions

Vertigo engineers Cloud Solutions. It designs and implements a proprietary IT infrastructure in Milan Caldera Datacenter and continues its expansion activity over the next 4 years. Thanks to this investment, Vertigo achieves the goal of providing different performance level cloud services to its clients. For Fitch Ratings, Vertigo implements and completes the first network renovation project in a multinational company.

New start-up

Vertigo creates an innovative start-up company with another partner, Revolve Studio Srl, offering a proprietary backup software for virtual and physical environments. This software is adopted by many national and international companies, proving to be a viable alternative to other branded and benchmark tools. The first major multinational Disaster Recovery project, provided to Rottapharm Spa and highlighted by media in a Data Manager article (September 2014), is also completed and delivered.

New offices

Vertigo moves to the new offices in the Colleoni Management Centre of Agrate Brianza (MB) in order to meet the growing demand for office space, already adopting a smart-working policy for specific business areas. The unified communication project for Fidim Holding Srl group is finally completed.

New Cloud services

Vertigo sells Revolve Studio Srl's share package in order to focus on engineering a new cloud service offering increasingly focusing on innovation and market trends.

New image

Vertigo changes its image with new graphics and a new dedicated cloud services site. Office 365 migration project for multinational pharmaceutical company Mylan is delivered.

Vertigo Suisse Sagl

Vertigo is increasingly gaining leadership in technology services and outsourcing projects consulting: for this purpose Vertigo Suisse Sagl is set up in order to mark the established skills even outside the national borders. Bastogi Spa relies on Vertigo Consulting for Mediolanum Forum infrastructure cloud migration project.

Our goals

In recent years we have achieved:

  • An active portfolio of more than 200 customers.
  • Projects and Consulting in multiple sectors: pharmaceutical, manufacturing - industrial, financial, chemical, services and trade.
  • International coverage: Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Switzerland
  • More than 300 servers migrated to the Cloud
  • Revenue over 3 million euros