VSquare Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery for VMware & Hyper-V

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 Secure your infrastructure by automatically synchronizing all your VMware and Hyper-V machines to another date center (or to our cloud!). Your virtual machines will be ready to be switched on if anything happens. Your data is secure 24x7.



VSquare Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery for VMware & Hyper-V (Business Continuity)

Vertigo Consulting Cloud Backup Service provides secure, affordable and scalable backup & disaster recovery for any data, anytime, anywhere.

This all-in-one, easy-to-use backup solution allows you either to preserve your backups in our data center or to create your own personal cloud inside your environment and have your backups automatically transferred to you central sites or to your backup infrastructure.


Features at a glance:

- Recovery of failed VM in minutes

- Near-continuous data protection with built-in replication

- Fast, agentless item recovery and e-discovery for Microsoft Exchange with Active Directory awareness, along with transaction-level recovery of SQL databases

- Automatic recoverability testing of every backup and every replica, every time

- Offsite backups faster than standard file copy with built-in WAN acceleration

- Offsite recovery with 1-click site failover and support for facilitated data center migrations with zero data loss

- VSquare only copies and transmits what has changed from your last backup, therefore only 2MB/s internet connectivity is sufficient to safely transfer your backup in the cloud

- Vsquare implements deduplication and compression to minimize bandwidth and storage consumption

- Automatic indexing and file restore, including mail and attachments


As backup software Vertigo has selected VSquare, a feature-rich  solution that allows to backup and restore VMware and Hyper-V datacenters easily and reliably:



  • Service Level Agreement

    SLA of 99.8% or 99,9% that provides a high reliability of our services


  • Connection

    Line 100 Mbit guaranteed, which allows maximum performance communication


  • Backup

    Daily backup of dedicated storage for the recovery of their servers to the previous day


  • Protection

    Premises Controllers manage data centre security 24x7. Electronic Access Control Systems. Connectivity, power and environmental control guaranteed 99.996%


  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Space
  • Link
  • 2
  • 4 GB
  • 60 GB
  • 100 Mbit
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