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Our Data Center is designed to provide maximum efficiency and security

Our Data Center


Our Cloud Services are delivered through our infrastructure in our Data Center located in Milan. It is certified as Tier III/IV according to the standards of the Uptime Institute classification system (The Data Center Authority). Vertigo provides a high quality and scalable service inside its own top security data center. Vertigo offers to its customers a leading edge technological infrastructure with the maximum level of reliability and redundancy. The high-performance Vertigo Data Center is among the safest and most efficient in Europe. Advanced security measures meet top standards of data protection.






Cameras: our data center is equipped with a complete CCTV system.

Surveillance: In our data center you can find 24Hx365 indoor surveillance, a secure access system and incoming and outgoing equipment log

Ducts: the ducts are removed or properly isolated from the data room, to reduce the likelihood of problems due to water loss.

Fire detection: there is a VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) system running in every data room, to operate promptly in case of fire

Firefighting: Extinguishing gas systems are distributed in every data room




Location: The data center is located in the "via Caldera" campus, easily accessible from highways and airports and the center of Milan.

Floor: Raised floor over the entire useful surface. Capacity greater than 1,000 kg per square meter

Cabling: Professional cabling for easy maintenance and service activation, above the racks or under the floor


Power Supply

23,000 V power plant: 23,000 V power plant with -48V and 230V supply

UPD Fault Tolerant: Redundant UPSs with fault tolerant configuration
6 hours battery life for -48V equipments

Diesel Generator: Perkins diesel generator for every data room



Air conditioning

HVAC: HVAC ETS compliant for constant temperature and humidity. Scheduled maintenance of the cooling units. Diversified technology in place to ensure efficiency

Distribution: Diversified technology in place to ensure efficiency





High performance switching and routing

Network operating center with internal specialists working 24H x 365

Complete redundancy of all connection

Custom service Level (SLA)

International MultiLink: International fiber connections to three major international carriers provide excellent performance and high speed.

POP MIX inside: POP MIX directly reachable in the data room.

Peering: Active peering with all major Italian operators.

Extended Reach: Fiber extensions available to reach all operators in the Campus (eg. Infracom, Tiscali, McLink) Tens of IP telephone operators and alternative carrier availlable in the rooms with their own fiber.



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